Civic Voice Policy on Coronavirus

Civic Voice Policy on Coronavirus

Official Statement

We acknowledge the threat caused by the spread of coronavirus and the impact on Civic Voice, a membership organisation that works on the basis that people are brought together to discuss issues of relevant to the organisation and its members.

Any action we take to change the way in which we operate to assist with slowing the spread of the virus will always be taken in line with government advice.

Notwithstanding this, we acknowledge that given the age profile of our membership and the extent to which travel is required for both members and staff to fulfil the objectives of Civic Voice, may mean that individuals may wish to take extra precautions above and beyond government advice.

We have taken a decision to postpone all scheduled events until May 4th and we are allowing staff to work from home so that it reduces non-urgent travel. We are making attendance at meetings optional and will be encouraging video conferencing.

This will include:

  • Options for staff to work from home: This might include accessing Civic Voice Systems remotely and convening virtually via phone or internet based (VoIP) systems, replacing physical meetings with third parties with telephone conferences etc.Options for members to engage with physical events without attending (this may include submitting questions in advance, watching a live feed, Civic Voice providing clips of proceedings etc.)
  • Cancellation or postponement of events: This will be undertaken after considering the latest advice from government. Civic Voice will endeavour to give participants as much notice as possible, whilst acknowledging that in a fast moving situation this may not be possible. Parliament is limiting visitor access from Monday 16th March to both Houses and introducing travel restrictions in order to preserve the operation of Parliament, as such, all Civic Voice Parliamentary work will cease to operate until further notice.
  • Stop Press: APPG for Civic Societies meeting on March 17th is now postponed.
  • Stop Press: APPG for Civic Societies meeting on April 21st is now postponed.
  • Stop Press: Civic Day June 20 is postponed until a later date in the year
  • Stop Press: Civic Voice Conference for May 1st is now postponed until September 4th-5th.

Any member, partner or colleague with any concerns about this issue can speak to the Executive Director, Ian Harvey on a confidential basis via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).