Civic Voice signs a letter urging the Government to think harder about Permitted Development Rights

Civic Voice has, this week, joined with Shelter, Local Government Association and others in signing a public letter to the Secretary of State. The letter follows on from our recent consultation response to the Government's Permitted Development Rights consultation. This joint letter urges the Government to think harder about the plans it has to allow developers to change buildings on our high streets without requiring full planning permission.

We believe a full review of the Permitted Development Rights may be required and will be discussing this with our members in the next few weeks. However, on the one hand, we have Government urging local authorities to deliver an up-to-date Local Plan, but at the same time, the same department is undermining the ability of LPAs to plan by proposing further deregulation through PDR.

We are pleased that Bath Preservation Trust and Reading Civic Society have both signed the letter. We encourage civic societies to sign this open letter. You can register here.