Dronfield Civic Society launch Conservation Area Leaflet

Dronfield Civic Society was founded in 1989.  It has an increasing membership of more than 200 people and is supported by local businesses, schools and other Dronfield societies. Annual membership is £8 for individuals and £12 for families.  The society also offers life membership, business membership and sponsorship.
Dronfield is a small market town with many other voluntary groups and charitable organisations. It has recently been ranked 9th in the top ten best places to live in the UK, so there is a good deal of civic pride within the town and its environs. Dronfield has three Conservation Areas which had Character Appraisal Statements produced in the early 2000s and which are now very out of date.

This year the society will be taking part in the Big Conservation Conversation and national Civic Day on June 17th to raise awareness of Conservation Areas.  They are proposing to work in co-operation with Dronfield Heritage Trust, a partner organisation in the town, to update the Dronfield Conservation Area Character Statement which was published in 2000.  This will then be made available to the local planning authority. A Conservation Area designation places a statutory duty on local planning authorities to pay special attention to preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of conservation areas when undertaking their planning duties; they must from time to time formulate and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement of their conservation areas, submitting these for public consideration. 

To help with celebrating the local conservation area, Dronfield Civic Society has published a new leaflet, "Conservation Conversation" with funding supported from IHBC. View the leaflet here. 
Would you like a workshop on 50 years of Conservation Areas in your area and how you can play a part in saying, "My Conservation Area Matters" get in touch here.