Hertford Civic Society and its Gin: We say Cheers to that!

Hertford Civic Society has a secret fountain habit. It owns and maintains Confluence, the fountain that’s now been in the centre of Hertford, in Salisbury Square, for a quarter of a century. Its four arches and jets of water celebrate the four rivers that meet in Hertford: the Beane, Mimram, Rib and Lea. It was one of the earliest sculptures made by William Pye, now so famous that his creations grace even Salisbury Cathedral, Gatwick Airport and the rural residences of the Prince of Wales. 

For many years, we’ve complained that we don’t get much help in running the fountain. We’ve tried unsuccessfully to enlist support from local Councils. Now, however, we have an official sponsor, in
the form of a gin maker. ‘Four Rivers of Hertford’ gin is produced by the team at Spirit of Hertfordshire Distillery, using local botanicals foraged from around Hertford’s rivers. Richard Daniel, the founder, contacted Hertford Civic Society, to ask if he could use a picture of our fountain on his label. We agreed. In return, he gives us £1 for each bottle sold.

It isn’t the cheapest of gins, but it is a delightful one. A small group of committee members and their partners checked it out properly, at a tasting session: sampling it on its own, then with tonic, and finally with sparkling mineral water. All gave good results. 

It will soon go on sale in the Tourist Information Centre opposite the theatre in Hertford, and hopefully other outlets and bars in Hertford in due course. For now, you can buy it at the Spirit of Hertfordshire distillery/shop between Hatfield and St Albans (AL4 9HJ); or you can buy it online, to be delivered to your door: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)