Hove Civic Society backs revised plans for Sackville Hotel site after “serious consultation”

Hove Civic Society has come out in favour of plans to build dozens of flats on the derelict site of the old Sackville Hotel on the seafront.

It said that the initial proposals – to build 98 flats in a 17-storey tower in Kingsway – commanded little support.

But the applicant, Hyde Housing, had carried out a serious consultation and come up with a better design for a smaller number of homes in a building that wasn’t nearly as tall.

The new scheme proposes 60 flats in a building ranging from four to eight storeys in height – or about 80ft (25 metres) tall.

“We support the application in principle, subject to satisfactory planning consideration of factors such as car parking and privacy of neighbours, which have been raised in public comments.

“As is well known, the previous application to develop this empty site commanded very little support from across the community for a number of reasons, not least the height and mass of the proposed building. We welcome the fact that the applicant has undertaken a serious process of consultation and engagement with the community in preparing the new application and has shown openness and flexibility in trying to address local views and concerns. The result is a proposal of notably higher quality than the previous application and one which is much more in keeping with local opinion". 

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