Ian Harvey delivers “Big Conservation Conversation” talk to Conservation Areas Wirral

Conservation Areas Wirral is a forum of all Wirral’s 26 Conservation Areas. Established in 2014 it is a voluntary-run organisation with members drawn from all of Wirral’s active Conservation Areas. It works with Wirral Residents, Wirral Council and Historic England to promote and protect the distinct character of Wirral’s Conservation Areas and to ensure they can be accessed and enjoyed by all, both now and in the future.

Ian Harvey, Executive Director, Civic Voice, recently attended the AGM to speak to conservation societies, resident associations and civic societies focused on the 26 conservation areas. Ian explained that Designating a conservation area should not be seen as an end in itself: we live in a changing world and for the historic environment to survive and continue to be cherished it needs to be positively managed.

Ian explained that we want communities across the country to come together and say "My Conservation Area Matters" for National Civic day on June 17th and shared examples from groups including the Deal Society, Dronfield Civic Society and Malvern Civic Society who are all celebrating their local conservation areas.

Join the Big Conservation Conversation here.