Interim report - Statements of Community Involvement in England: a baseline review

Statements of Community Involvement in England: a baseline review and future opportunities - an interim report from University of Reading and Civic Voice.

In the Civic Voice 2020-23 manifesto, Civic Voice committed to a campaign to strengthen Statements of Community Involvement (SCIs) to set out more clearly how the local authority and developers are expected to meaningfully engage with local communities on planning issues.

This interim report presented here is part of a study to better understand the form, use and potential of SCIs (Statements of Community Involvement), or similar structuring documents, as a means to frame meaningful community engagement in planning. The work is part of a research partnership between the University of Reading and Civic Voice   

In this interim report, we have outlined some interim conclusions and recommendations to keep in step with the pace of national planning reform (with a new Planning Bill expected in Autumn 2021).

The report can be accessed via: INTERIM REPORT Statements of Community Involvement in England.

The final report should be completed by September 2021.

* Thanks to Civic Voice and the volunteers who completed part of the desk study data capture element of this work.  

* This is part of a broader set of work being undertaken by the University of Reading research team funded by Research England.