Lytham St Annes Civic Society and Marple Civic Society feature on national website as good practice

Placecheck is the simplest, quickest way of finding out what a place and its people can tell us, and starting the process of making change happen. It is a method of taking the first steps in deciding how to improve an area. A Placecheck can be carried out for a street (or part of one), a park, a neighbourhood, a town centre or any other place. The setting might be urban, suburban or a village.

People in the Ansdell area of the seaside town of Lytham St Anne’s in Lancashire carried out a Placecheck to find out how to protect the quality of their delightful residential streets.

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A Placecheck in Marple, a small town in Greater Manchester, was carried out in 2012 against the background of a proposal for a supermarket on an out-of-town site. The council believes that there is a better site, in the town centre rather than outside it. What the Placecheck established in the minds of the Placecheckers was that it was not just a question of comparing the relative merits of two different sites.

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