Merseyside Civic Society: Civic Saturdays: Rice Lane City Farm

Rice Lane City Farm, Walton Park Cemetery, Walton, Liverpool L9 1AW | Free

Within Robert Tressell’s 1914 novel ‘The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists’ the author yearns for a generation previously raised as unquestioning children to see alternatives within life and other options for choices that they feel have already been made for them.

An oasis amongst unforgiving and expansive landscapes is the hope the author longs for.Above the remains of the 19th century author sits Rice Lane Farm, an area in which the city has not invaded and which alternative methods of life can be shown openly and frankly.

Maria Hornsby shall invite us on May 13th ‘s Civic Saturday to observe the agricultural and environmental oasis in which the farm sits and inform us on her many years of experience as an urban agriculturalist and international champion of urban farming. There will also be insights into how the farm helps local children of the community by offering a solace away from a city environment for all their needs.

Events of the day will be held in the beautiful base camp of the chapel that has been recently refurbished and shall offer a fantastic meeting point for groups to congregate in when not exploring the sites of the beautiful farmland. The cemetery within the farm contains the graves of various culturally interesting locals of Liverpool as well as thousands of pauper’s graves which became the final resting place of unfortunate souls who gave their lives to working in Walton Workhouse. There will also be opportunity to view the many animals that thrive on the farm…and with spring being sprung there may be some newborn baby animals too.

The event is FREE but please Let us know your coming here