The March Society Walk to celebrate 50 years of Conservation Areas.

Civic Day was held nationally on Saturday 17th June and The March Society decided to mark the occasion by having a guided walk of some of the Conservation Area in the town.

The walk started at 2.00 at 69 West End, where the Conservation Area begins, and was led by Jennifer Lawler, the Chairman, who pointed out buildings of interest along West End and ones about which the March Society had concerns, and what measures the Society had taken to make Fenland Council and its Conservation Officers aware. Even in the 30 degree heat it was a delight to stroll along West End back to Broad Street. Given the attention and pride most owners of the properties have, served to highlight those properties that need attention and support from the local authority.

As expected we had concerns about upkeep of properties and in particular gardens belonging to listed properties within the conservation area which were neglected and overgrown or used to store building materials. Owners of some properties would like to better maintain them but are unable to meet the costs. One property that is listed within the area gave rise for concern and has been reported to the Conservation Officer. Finally we had invited Town and Local councillors. Two apologised that they could not come but on the day none were present.

Andrew Clarke, Secretary
The March Society