The role of a Council Conservation Officer: Talk for National Civic Day

Talk in Knowle for National Civic Day: The role of the Council's Conservaiton Officer

The concept of conservation areas was introduced in England, Wales and Scotland by the Civic Amenities Act 1967 through a private members bill led by Lord Duncan Sandys. Civic Voice now holds the annual Sandys Lecture in his name.

When conservation areas legislation was introduced there was widespread public concern over the pace of redevelopment in our historic towns and cities. Today there are over 10,000 conservation areas in the UK (approximately 9,300 in England, 500 in Wales, 650 in Scotland and 60 in Northern Ireland) reflecting the popularity of this legislative tool in identifying and protecting our most valued historic places.

Monday 19 June 8pm
Knowle Village Hall
All welcome
With the centre of Knowle being registered as a Conservation Area, this talk by Martin Saunders will be of great interest to all who are concerned about the preservation of the character of the village.

Come along and hear about the wide range of things that are included in the role, from the establishment of possible new conservation areas to advising on planning applications in such areas.